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Billy Bathgate

Nicole Kidman in Billy Bathgate

There are two full frontal scenes of Nicole Kidman in Billy Bathgate. Firstly Nicole enters a room wearing just a pink bath towel which she discards while facing a triple mirror. Her back to the camera, her slim body and pert bottom are clearly shown while in the 3 reflections she is shown full frontal naked and from the side. Later she is shown diving into a river. As her body plummets past the camera she is again full frontal naked, although no single shot shows her entire body. Better is the view when she exits the river with a great full frontal view.
Rating: Rated 5!

Nicole Kidman in Billy Bathgate, Image 1/3Nicole Kidman in Billy Bathgate, Image 2/3Nicole Kidman in Billy Bathgate, Image 3/3
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