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Monica Bellucci in Malena

The ultimate movie for Monica Bellucci nudity centers around a boy and his fantasies about a woman (Bellucci) set against the backdrop of the war. Numerous scenes of nudity as follows:

While the young boy watches through a spy hole, Monica Bellucci leans forward to put on a record. There is a wonderful side shot of her right breast which is revealed as her black negligé‚ falls down from her shoulder.

In a fantasy scene, Monica enters the boy's room in neat white dress. The boy raises it over her left leg to reveal she is wearing stockings and suspenders, then stands up and removes her dress. There is a lingering shot of Monica's upper body, both breasts exposed, then the boy runs his hands down her body and the camera follows showing Bellucci's very hairy bush. The scene then fades to another.

Monica drops a plate next to the cooker. Monica bends down to pick it up, but the scene is repeated several times in quick succession as the watching boy imagines her naked. You see Monica's voluptous body from behind and get a great shot of her bum.

While masturbating and playing with a stolen pair of Bellucci's black panties, this fantasy takes the boy into the world of the black and white movies of the time. In a montage of 3 brief scenes Bellucci appears as movie stars. 1. She rips her top off exposing her breasts. 2. The boy rips her top off exposing her breasts. 3. The boy is carrying a rescued maiden Bellucci - she is naked.

In a stunning and lengthy scene the topless Monica Bellucci washes her upped body. First she leans forwards tends to her breasts with water. Then she cuts a lemon in half, squeezes the juices onto her breasts and rubs the juice into them.

Also: A man forcible strips Bellucci of her upper clothes. In the frantic scene her breasts pleasantly wobble. With a Marilyn Munroe type look, Monica is shown briefly topless, 'entertaining' Nazi troops. As a prostitute Monica Bellucci looks stunning in her makeup. She strips off her stockings and suspenders then bra then panties and is shown full frontal naked.

Finally Monica is stripped by an angry mob. Bloody and beaten, with her breasts hanging out of her torn top, she is held and has her hair cut. The gruesome scene lasts several minutes.
Rating: Rated 5!

Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 1/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 2/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 3/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 4/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 5/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 6/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 7/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 8/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 9/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 10/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 11/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 12/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 13/14Monica Bellucci in Malena, Image 14/14
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