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Training Day

Eva Mendes in Training Day

When Cop Ethan Hawke kicks open the bedroom door, Eva Mendez is layoing naked on her front on the bed. Denzel Washington is stood up next to he bed. Slighty raised, Mendes' breasts can just been seen and there's an awesome view of her buxom ass. She reclines holding a pillow in front of her. Although the shape of her left breast can be seen its a distant shot with not much detail. Taking his chance during a short conversation with Hawke, Washington goes for a shotgun under the bed. Next as Snipes stands at the bedroom door with the camera focus on him, Mendes is shown blurred and out of focus but full frontal naked, knelt on the bed. She leans forwards and her breasts hang pleasantly, her pubic hair is in view also.
Rating: Rated 3!

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